All-Star Baseball 2003 - Original Xbox

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All right, it's time to step up to the plate for the ultra-realistic graphics and precision batting control of All-Star Baseball 2003 on Xbox. Choose Franchise mode to choose players and build your favorite team for as many as 20 consecutive seasons. And these guys look great on the enhanced graphics of the Xbox. You can pick from 10 game modes, including Exhibition, Season, Career, Franchise, Expansion, All-Star Game and more. The all-new Expansion Play allows baseball fanatics to choose a city, stadium and team logo and add that team into the Major leagues. Homerun! Choose from more than 900 players, all with official stadiums, logos and uniforms. The game lets you pick from over 50 stadiums, including 8 classic stadiums and 10 expansion stadiums. An official in-game adds a fun level to the game as you use player trading cards to collect, trade and unlock cheats.